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~herbal soap~

~herbal soap~



I have worked hard to perfect the soap making technique to preserve the herbs and essential oils to create the best soap possible. This is a very moisturizing and film free soap with a wonderful lather. I only use pure essential oils, so the scent is true and permeates the entire bar, but isn't too overwhelming. Please allow for color variations from batch to batch due to the all natural ingredients used!

b.e nurtured soaps are high lathering, and when properly cared for, long lasting.  Keep out of the shower stream and from sitting in a dish of water for best results.

                                                     ~Available scents~
lemongrass calendula~ this fresh and crisp lemongrass calendula soap is a sure favorite, with poppy seeds scattered throughout to lend gentle exfoliation, and sprinkled with organic calendula petals, this soap doesn't just smell amazing, but it's pretty too! 

oatmeal stoutA hearty blend of fresh oats highlighted with nuances of orange, deep roasted and fresh barley. This soap smells so good you will want to eat it! 

tea tree lavender~ tea tree oil is commonly used as an anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammitory aid, and lavender essential oil is known for it's calming effects on angry skin. Blended together, these essential oils make a wonderful skin healing soap! Perfect for those with oily or combination skin.

oatmeal lavender~ this oatmeal lavender soap is simply delightful! Skin softening oatmeal is finely ground for a gentle and subtle exfoliation, while essential oil of lavender soothes and calms the skin. A perfect pairing, and one of my all time favorites.

lemon sage~ my lemon sage scrub soap is truly amazing! After using this soap, skin will feel invigorated and refreshed. While essential oils of lemon and sage are blended perfectly for a light, fresh scent, cornmeal is also added for a gentle and subtle exfoliation.

chamomile citrus~ sweet and calming chamomile and refreshing orange essential oil is perfectly blended in this lovely bar of soap, giving you a great subtle way to wake up the senses!

almond spiceOh, the deliciousness of almond spice! Essential oils of cinnamon and clove are warm and earthy, with a touch of orange to balance it out. I've also added finely ground almonds & cinnamon for a nice scrub that isn't harsh on skin. 

peppermint~ true to its name, this pure peppermint bar will wake even the most tired mind! Peppermint is cooling in summer, as well as a winter favorite! No little bits in this bar, just a smattering of organic peppermint leaf on top. 

Each bar is between 4.5oz – 5 oz when freshly cut. Please remember as it cures, some moisture will evaporate, causing the smaller appearance, however creating a longer lasting bar.  

Ingredients~ Saponified oils of olive and coconut, distilled water, essential oils, various organic herbs.

***While we formulate our products to be gentle, please discontinue use if irritation occurs. Any statements regarding the properties of the ingredients we use have been gleaned over the years from many trusted sources, but are not meant to replace the direction and advice of a doctor or healthcare provider***